Heat Pumps

A water source heat pump operates much like a traditional air source heat pump except that it extracts and dissipates heat by way of water instead of air. This is certainly not a type of home comfort system that will be available to anyone, but if you live in an area close to a well, lake or other natural water source, it may be an option worth considering.

Water source heat pumps, on the other hand, work on basically the same principle as air source heat pumps, but they extract heat from a body of water rather than the air. They do this by cycling water through a system of pipes that is laid out at the bottom of a body of water. As the water cycles through, it gathers heat from the lake or reservoir and then carries it back to your house.


Cat Mechanical technical support!

CAT offers custom tailored annual heat pump maintenance program. Whether it’s a single maintenance or a large building maintenance program, we offer a “white glove” maintenance service program tailored to your needs. It is vital that drain pans are cleaned and tested to ensure drains are working according to OEM specs.   Do you have a building with an overflowing drain problem? talk to us about drain sensors we can install to prevent floods.


In our annual program. Heat pumps are inspected, tested and cleaned thoroughly including removing all, dirt & debris built up within the bottom of the condensate drain pan by flushing the drains to ensure there are proper water flow and drainage. This will minimize and control matter built up which will cause a blockage of the condensate drain opening & potential backups and floods resulting in expensive repair costs to Residents and insurance claims. Maintenance does not mean

In-Shop Repair

CAT has an in-shop repair program for heat pumps which require complex repairs. Some heat pumps repairs require changing of the TXV, Reversing Valve or Compressor parts and due to health and safety reasons these repairs are done in house. We have dedicated testing cabinets for major manufacturers with conditioned water loop to ensure units are tested and repaired before they are shipped back to the building. Heat pumps that require major component change over will be brought over to the shop for repairs and then re-installed when repaired.

Replacement Units

Depending on the age of the equipment, it is smarter to buy a new heat pump then to repair it. We understand how frustrating it can be to find out that your heat pump is not going to work anymore. That is why we different programs to overcome the difficult time and speed up the process to get your heating/cooling working again.
CAT is focused on keeping you comfortable all year round. We sell all types of domestic and commercial line Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP). We carry vide selection of makes and models of different sizes, BTUs and types. Please call us for more information and updated models.


A manufacturer of heat pumps can often go out of business and that can leave alot of customers stranded with no replacement options:

We have designed and re-engineered variety of retrofit equipment. Our shop is capable of doing a retrofit fan coil or heat pump system in a timely manner. We can offer a variety of options to our customers when it comes to CUSTOM equipment.   Our engineers and shop is professionally trained to handle all complex projects.


We carry variety of Air / Water Sourced heat pumps in stock. Here are some brands of heat pumps we carry in stock.

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